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Avenue Flo

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Avenue Flo

It’s up to you to save the biggest wedding in DinerTown’s history! Playing as Flo, the spunky heroine from Diner Dash, you’ll meet quirky neighbors, solve puzzles, and collect missing items in this fun puzzle adventure game. Enjoy colorful artwork and a lovable cast of characters in the charming world of DinerTown. Search for lost pets, sew beads onto the wedding dress, and more as you help Flo save the wedding!

Available On:

  • iPad
  • Kindle
Ave Flo Feature Pod1
Explore exciting neighborhoods
Ave Flo Feature Pod2
Solve more than 20 fun puzzles and mini-games
Ave Flo Feature Pod3
Meet quirky characters
Ave Flo Feature Pod4
Enjoy an engaging story



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  • Avenue Flo Screen2
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Avenue Flo Forums

From the PlayFirst BlogGet Avenue Flo tips and tricks! Tip #1 - talk to everybody! Flo may just be the most friendly person in DinerTown so take the time to talk to everyone! You never know what cool hints or tasks Flo might discover.

Rave Reviews

"A well-polished package, brought to life by attractive cartoon-style graphics, a diverse collection of characters, and convincing voice-acting."
"Avenue Flo is a refreshing entry in the adventure game genre."