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Hotel Dash: Suite Success

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Hotel Dash: Suite Success

Make a reservation for Hotel Dash: Suite Success on your iPad! It’s fast-paced fun with the added bonus of hotel drama and chaos. An addictive combination of time management and strategy, Hotel Dash: Suite Success has been specially enhanced for your iPad. Build a thriving hotel business by renovating and running hotels all over DinerTown. Within minutes, you’ll be directing the flow of guests with a few taps and slides of your fingers. Can you achieve 5-star status on every level to restore all of your VIP rooms? Check in to Hotel Dash: Suite Success for action, mishaps and mayhem!

Available On:

  • iPad
Hotel T Dash Feature Pod1
Hours of fast-paced fun
Hotel Dash Ll Feature Pod2
Care for quirky guests
Hotel Dash Ss Feature Pod3
Lots of hotels to renovate and restore
Hotel Dash Ss Feature Pod4
Spruce up your hotel with upgrades



  • Hotel Dash Suite Success Screen1
  • Hotel Dash Suite Success Screen2
  • Hotel Dash Suite Success Screen3


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